Lesbian Pride Bot Patch | Lesbian Flag | Pride Patch | Queer Art

Lesbian Pride Bot Patch | Lesbian Flag | Pride Patch | Queer Art

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We are excited to offer our wonderful pride bots up for adoption, now in iron-on patch! Each vibrant patch is stitched to order using 40wt polyester thread on black twill with hot-cut borders.

If you're planning to stitch your patch and would prefer leaving off the iron-on backing please email me when you place your order.

Each bot is just over 3- 3/4" tall, and a bit over 4" The colors may differ slightly due to lighting, screen tint, etc.

These are MADE TO ORDER so they will not ship same day as our stickers sometimes do.

Ironing instructions:

Make certain you're using fabrics which can be heated. No leather, nylon, etc.
Make certain both the patch back and fabric are clean.
Place patch in desired location and place fabric over the top.
Using an iron on polyester setting, work the iron over the top of the patch.
Heat from the inside of the garment as well.
Allow to cool.

Shipping is normal letter post. There is NO tracking number to allow for lower shipping costs.

Tracked Shipping - please add an expedited shipping listing to your order if you would like a tracking number for $3 domestic.

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